Project: Detailed observation.

Exercise: Line Drawing detailline drawing leaf

Exercise: Getting tone and depth in detail

This drawing is on A3 paper in pencils 1B, 2B, 4B and 8B.

Oak leaf

Exercise: Stipples and dots

This does not contain all the different types of stippling marks, because I have selected the specific marks appropriate for drawing this leaf.  I am pleased with this drawing, because I think stippling is perfect for observing minute details of texture and pattern.  I have drawn shadows and tone too, but I think it is tricky to differentiate patterns from shadows.  I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.

This page is an A4, and the drawing is of a silver birch leaf.

Birch leaf

Click here to see the page which contains: Research point to find drawings by two artists who work in strikingly different ways from very tight drawings to very loose.  I looked at Paul Noble and Matthew Ritchie.

 Check and Log - Copy (3)

Check and log: Project – Detailed observation

I think pencil is very good for making a range of tones with hatching because you have several different grades of graphite to work with.  Ball point pens are good for stippling, because they are black and inky.  But it is difficult to get the subtlety available with graphite when using ball points.

Here is a page of sample marks for tone, pattern and texture:

Sample page of tones, textures and patterns.
Click image to view full size.

I enjoyed the challenge of observing fine details.  It is a slower way of working than I am accustomed to – I tend to draw very quickly.  I am really happy with the drawings I have made – slowing down and taking time to really look at something allows you to see it better.  And making large drawings of small leaves is a good way to make the most of the intricate details.

Here is a page of sketches I have drawn as ideas for alternative composition:



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