Reviewing work so far

Make a brief entry for each exercise and assignment undertaken so far detailing successes and any problems that you have encountered.

Part One

Project: Making Marks

Exercise – Holding Pens and Pencils

This was a successful exercise because I explored the marks which can be achieved using charcoal and graphite.  In this exercise I have not used  different tools with inks, added washes, or used layering very much.  It was a good first trial with a selection of different marks.

Exercise – Doodling

I really enjoyed this exercise.  I especially liked making different sized ovals and circles, as well as scribbling.

Exercise – Mark-making Techniques

I think this exercise was good, but I think that it would have been good to use a large sheet of paper to just go wild making marks on, all over (like in the doodling exercise) and then perhaps cut out different areas and make a grid in that way.  I think there are many other techniques and marks than I have collected here.  Many other media, also.

Project Enlarging an image

Exercise Enlarging an existing drawing

For this exercise I worked images from size A5 paper to A3 paper.  The drawings are successful; my tutor said they would have been more successful if I had used more detailed originals.

Exercise Enlarging a simple flat image

Again this image is A5 up to A3.  I am particularly pleased with the shading in this drawing.

Project Using texture

Exercise Experimenting with texture

I am very pleased with this exercise because it has variety or marks and media.  The different marks in these drawings have different voices and personalities.

Still life Negative space and perspective

Exercise  Observing negative space and perspective

This exercise was successful and I am pleased with my drawings.

Project Still life – Natural and Made objects

Exercise Still life sketches of made objects

I am really pleased with the drawings made in this exercise.  I developed my skills with hatching and stippling, as well as exploring ideas about shapes and composition.

Composition of Natural Objects

This exercise was very successful because I again developed my skills in composition thumbnails as well as hatching.  I also created a good sense of three dimensional form by using line to develop surface tone and shadows.  This was an unusual way of creating a drawing for me, but it turned out to be really effective.

Exercise: Study of light reflected from one object to another

This study was fairly successful with interesting results.  The only problems I found were that the white chalk on blue paper did not create such a contrast from the darker areas as it would if I had some white paper left white.  Or perhaps even white oil pastels.

Exercise: Shadows and Reflected light and shade 

This study was successful.  I made use of different mark making techniques, layering as well as blending and removing tone with a rubber.  ( The latter technique is good for creating a surface which resembles that of glass.)

Exercise with lines and other marks, first using pencils and pens. Then using oil pastels, soft pastels, wax crayons and inks with a range of tools.

I think this exercise was very successful, most successful thumbnails being the pencils, pens and inks, where I have discovered a wide variety of lines and marks.  The less successful boxes, I would say are the pastel drawn trials.  I have found a range of different marks to make using pastels, but I think the range I have discovered here is limited.

(Further experimentation (possibly at a larger size) might be useful)

Basic shapes and fundamental form

Exercise – Boxes and books

This drawing were successful and with further practice in later exercises I gained confidence in book and box drawing.

Exercise – Jars and Jugs 

These drawings were very successful and I can see that the lines improved as my confidence improved from drawing more jars.

Project – Tone and Form: formations of light and shadow on a surface

Observing light and shadow formations on a surface

This was interesting and I discovered ways of layering different graphite marks to get different effects of light and shade.

Tonal studies

I really enjoyed making these thumbnails and the larger drawing, working and developing my hatching skills to create the illusion of three dimensional form.

Exercise: Supermarket Shop

I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise, I made one black and white line drawing and one ink line drawing with colour filled in.  Neither of the drawings include tone, and working straight on with ink means that the incorrect lines are visible.

Assignment One

This assignment was successful because I utilised the skills I learned during the course so far, such as hatching, blending, working with pastels, inks and washes, creating the illusion of three dimensions with tone, mark making and thumbnail drawing.  I made plenty of initial studies to get a good understanding of the subject.

Part Two:

Observation in nature: Project Exploring coloured media

Exercise: Exploring coloured media

This exercise was successful.  I explored a range of media, marks and blending techniques. I used hatching, stippling to layer and blend colours.  I used pencil crayons, inks, soft pastels and oil pastels.

Project: Detailed observation

Exercise: Line Drawing detail

This exercise was successful, I used a felt tip marker.

Exercise: Getting tone and depth in detail

This was successful as an exploration of shading techniques.  I combined hatching, cross hatching and stippling.

Exercise: Stipples and dots

This was a fun and slow drawing to make.  I enjoyed making a picture using something other than line.

I also made drawings of composition thumbnails and studies of different marks, tones and textures.

Project: Still life

Still life group using line

This drawing was very successful because it was good at capturing the fragility of the plants in the still life.  The image on the weblog has a shadow down the centre in a vertical line, which makes it look like a folded paper.  This is because the paper is A3 and so I had to scan it twice on my A4 scanner.  It is not folded.

Still life group in tone

My still life tone drawings if stones were made using oil pastels.  I worked on white paper and then I worked on paper with words on it.  These are successful at drawing surface texture as well as the shadows making the illusion of solid three dimensional stones.

Project: Drawing fruit and vegetables in colour

Exercise: Using hatching to create tone

I explored hatching with different media in this exercise, which was interesting as I previously associated hatching with fine lines.  I used ink and brush and coloured pencils.

Exercise: Using markers or dip pens

This was an interesting experiment because it led me to explore colour at the same time and I layered different marks on top of one another, fine and broad line hatching, cross hatching and stippling, markers over dip pens and vice versa.  It was excellent.

Exercise: Drawing using oil pastel

This was successful, using textured coloured paper.  The white highlights on the vegetables and tomatoes was very successful and I used the light and shadows to create the illusion of three dimensions.

Project: Drawing plants and flowers

Exercise: Negative space in a plant 

This exercise was very successful.  I enjoyed it and I used my imagination to extend the task instructions.  I filled in the negative space using graphite stick, fine line hatching and subsequently, the scene which was in the negative space.

Exercise: Plants and flowers in coloured pencil

I also really enjoyed this exercise.  I made extensive colour tests using watercolour pencils, before drawing a vase of flowers on a large sheet of paper.

Exercise: Drawing with other colour media

This exercise was successful and exciting.  I explored a range of mixed media including coloured markers, ink pens, pencil crayons, wax crayons and graphite pencil.  The different combinations of these, as well as the combinations of lines, patterns, filled in shapes and negative spaces made for unusual interpretations of the still life.

Project: Drawing animals

Exercise: Grabbing the chance

This exercise was very successful; I made drawings in a range of sizes and media.  I made quick studies and drawings which took long periods of time.  I observed details as well as movement and personality.  I used a variety of mark making techniques.

My larger drawing was sadly not as successful as my quicker studies because I included the background and this distracted from the figure of the dog.

Exercise: Drawing a fish

This was a successful exercise in which I used coloured pencil dots and dashes to draw the scaly fish.  I also made drawings using ink and brush.  I explored filling in the negative spaces and working on paper with text.

Assignment Two

I would say that the drawing I made for this assignment was less successful than some for the drawings I made for the exercises.  I think looking at this drawing now that there needed to be more tonal contrast between the background and the plants in the foreground.  The textures, colours and lines in detail are successful, but the over all image has not got the illusion of depth or form.

Part Three

Project: Landscape drawing

Exercise: A sketchbook walk

This was a successful exercise, I made four drawings in graphite.

 Exercise: 360° studies

This was a successful exercise, I worked in blue felt tip marker.  I found it challenging to work under a time limit.

 Exercise: Drawing cloud formations 

This exercise was successful because I made lots of different drawings in a range of media including oil pastels, soft pastels, collage, pencils and pencil crayons.

 Exercise: Plotting space through composition and structure

This exercise was successful, but my choice of a landscape view was not perfect for the particular exercise.

Project: Perspective

Exercise: Parallel perspective: an interior view

I had a lot of difficulty with this exercise because I had trouble working the parallel perspective lines with the lines in the drawings.

Exercise: Angular perspective

I found this exercise equally challenging because I found it difficult to use the lines of angular perspective.

Project: Townscapes

Exercise – Study of a townscape using line

I really enjoyed this exercise, I made studies in pencil and in ink.  It was an exciting task to draw natural forms with man-made structures.

Exercise – A sketchbook of townscape drawings.

I liked this task because “a sketchbook of drawings” gave you a span of a lot of options.  I tried making thumbnails of different angles and perspectives, close up and far away.  I made detailed studies, ink and brush studies and coloured pencil studies.

Exercise: A limited palette study from your sketches

This was interesting as I had not previously had much experience with limited palette studies.  I worked with coloured pencil crayons and conté crayons.  This was a successful exercise because even though I made some mistakes and I corrected them.

Exercise: Drawing statues

I enjoyed this exercise and it was successful because I made lots of drawings with a sense of perspective.  I also made drawings where I explored the potential of different media and coloured papers and found papers.

Project: Drawing trees

Exercise: Sketching an individual tree

This was a successful exercise.  I made a collection of small studies, two medium studies and two large studies.

Exercise: Larger study of an individual tree

This was successful because I made an A3 study of a tree, and then I went on to make further studies of the tree, exploring oil pastels and collage papers.

 Exercise: Study of several trees

This exercise was successful because I made lots of mixed media preliminary studies of groups of trees, and then made a large oil pastel study.

Assignment Three 

This assignment was successful.  I made extensive preliminary studies of different viewpoints and media.  And I was successful in completing the outcome of the assignment.

 Part Four

Project: Proportions

Exercise – Quick poses 

This was a successful exercise and I made a collection of drawings in graphite and ink and markers.

Exercise – The longer pose

This exercise was successful.  It was a shame the figures feet were not in the picture.

Project: Form

Exercise: Essential shapes

This was tricky but it turned out well with practice.

Exercise – Essential elements

I enjoyed this exercise.  I developed my skills in hatching.  I also learned more about conte crayons and drawing with a stick.

Project: Gesture

Exercise: Stance

I found it tricky to make drawings in time frames between two and five minutes, but I got more confident as I practised, and I found using different media helped.

Exercise: Energy

I found this exercise interesting, I used coloured markers to draw.  This was a successful exercise.  Again they were timed drawings, but I had practised drawing at speed in the previous exercise, so I found it less daunting.

Project: Structure

Exercise: Three drawings

This was a successful exercise.  I explored three different media working quickly as well as more slowly which helped me to learn the advantages of each media for particular situations.  Particularly in this exercise I developed my understanding of using shade to create form.

 Project: The clothed figure

Exercise: Fabric with line and form

This exercise was valuable as a focus on fabrics and textures.  I found that many of my drawings came out quite abstract.

Exercise: Form and movement in a clothed figure

I found I was more successful in this exercise than the previous exercise.  Drawing fabrics on a clothed figure was distinctive from drawing fabrics on a chair.  I used a range of media as well as experimenting with collage and rubbings to make textures.

Project: The moving figure

Exercise: Sitting and waiting

I really enjoyed this exercise.  It was challenging and fascinating to draw people in everyday life.  I used a selection of media including oil pastels, wax crayons, felt tips, inks and coloured pencils.

Exercise: Fleeting moments

This was a successful exercise.  Drawing people at the bus stop was interesting with good results.

Project: Self Portrait.

Exercise: Drawing your face

This was a pleasant and successful exercise which I worked into extensively because I found it particularly engaging.

Exercise: A portrait from memory

This was a successful exercise.  It was interesting and challenging.  I used a range of different papers to draw on.

Assignment Four
1. Line and shape

This assignment was successful.  I made a selection of preliminary drawings to decide which position to draw from and which medium to use.  I found that broad marker would be most appropriate for this particular drawing.

Assignment Four

2. Tone

Again for this part of the assignment I made preliminary studies in a range of scales and media.  I made thumbnail composition drawings and large stick and ink drawings on different backgrounds.

Initially I thought that ink wash was the best medium to use for a tonal drawing, but I found that this medium doesn’t blend effectively and unintentional marks were unavoidable.  So I used pastels for the assignment drawing instead.  This assignment helped me to thoroughly understand tone in a way which I had not in the past.


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