Assignment 3

Preliminary drawings

I had a few different choices of views from a window, and I made some drawings of each of them to make sure I chose a view with depth, plants, trees and man made objects.  At the same time I tried out different media and tools to see which would suit my drawing best.

Preliminary drawing

First preliminary drawing – blue ink with dip pen.

I thought my above drawing, while having a range of plants and trees, was not a view with very much opportunity to demonstrate aerial perspective.

Preliminary drawing

Second preliminary drawing – pencil.

I liked the above drawing, which I drew through a window, so that it is divided by the window frame.  It gives the drawing a triptych effect to the drawing.  I was not certain that this met the criteria of the assignment, but I like this composition.

Preliminary drawing

Third preliminary drawing in conte crayon.

Above is an unfinished study which I stopped half way through because I realised the trees were not in perspective with the bushes.  Below is my fourth study for which I used conte crayons again because I wanted to complete a study in this media.  I also used a limited palette for these drawings.  I did not use the black brown and red colours which I have tried in the past, instead I used red, green and blue.

Preliminary drawing

Fourth preliminary study, conte crayons.

I found conte crayons to be very adaptable in terms of making different textures.  I used hatching and stippling as well as using the length of the crayon to draw the path, smudging and blending this area.  I am very pleased with the sense of depth in this drawing.  The receding size of objects and the graduated colours work really well.  Drawing dashes worked well to draw the texture of the hedges.

Preliminary drawing

Fifth preliminary drawing using acrylic ink

I thought ink and washes were good for making different grades of tone.  The view in the fifth drawing has very few man made objects or structures – only the very low wall with the little box hedge above it.  It is almost imperceptible as a man made object in this drawing because it is a fairly wobbly line.  There is also a bird bath.

Preliminary drawing

Sixth preliminary drawing – pencil crayons.

The above drawing was more a media test than a composition study because I already made a study of this view.  I think pencil crayons have a decorative appearance, this study reminds me of an image in a children’s book.  Again I used a limited palette, brown, red and pale blue (although I used two different shades of pale blue pencil, which makes four colours).  Pencil crayons are very good for making linear marks like hatching and scribbling.  And the different colours worked together really well.

Preliminary drawing

Seventh preliminary drawing – conte crayons.

For the above study I used a limited palette – originally I planned to use pale green, brown and pink, but in the end I decided to add dark green also, because there was a lot of pale green.  I made myself work quickly for this study, to see how this would influence my drawing.  I am pleased with the trees in this drawing, but I think the hedges are very flat.  You can see I started to add darker green on top of lighter green, but found this unsatisfactory.

A3 Assignment drawings

A3 drawing - conte crayons.

A3 drawing – conte crayons.

Above is my first A3  drawing, for which I decided I thought conte crayons would be best for.  (If you click on it you can see it in more detail to better advantage).  I was not very pleased with this drawing because I don’t think the hedges look solid.  I think the trees and what is behind the trees have some illusion of depth.

So I made another A3 drawing for the assignment, which is below.  I chose a different view, and decided to work with ink and brush this time.  Although this drawing is not perfect, it has a good sense of depth which is drawn with aerial perspective.  I used my brush to make curved short lines to create the texture of the bushes.  This drawing has more man made objects because it has the wall, the bird bath and the gate.  (Please note, the upper plank on the gate is wider at the far end than it is at the near end, so it is not the best choice for drawing linear perspective.  Having said that, my drawing of the gate is questionable in many other respects, like the wobbly lines and the miss matched widths of the planks.)

A3 drawing in water - based ink.

A3 drawing in water – based ink. (Please click to view at best advantage.)


I have reviewed the assessment criteria and I think that I have demonstrated technical and visual skills in my observational drawings and preliminary studies.

I have made use of a range of techniques and materials including inks, conte crayons, pastels and pencils.  I have shown visual awareness, design and compositional skills by trying a variety of different view points for my drawings as well as adding and removing objects.

The quality of my outcome shows that I used what I learned during the course to make a good body of work.  As well as drawing from observation and collecting visual information of large views as well as closer detailed surfaces, I have demonstrated creativity and imagination by extending exercises beyond the suggestions of the project.  I have made experimental drawings which develop my personal voice; these further explorations of the subject help me to understand more about what I am drawing and about the media and techniques I am using.

During this part of the course I have done lots of research into artists which relate to the work I’m doing directly as well as artists who influence my personal voice and the way that I approach my work.

I am critical of my work in constructive ways and try out exercises and assignments over and over with different approaches to develop the work I create and to make a range of different outcomes.


I have addressed suggestions from my tutor’s last feedback notes; I have yet to address all of them, but I fully intend to in the future.

I have further explored pastels and mark making; I have drawn pastels in layers and scratched away the surface to reveal colours beneath. (See my cloud drawings for the latter)

I have not worked on coloured paper with pastels, but I have worked on coloured paper with inks.  I have worked on crinkled paper with pastels.

I have not made any more drawings of animals, but I have found some cows to draw, and I’m making plans to do so soon.  I have been drawing people, which is a similar activity.

I have explored composition in my sketchbooks as well as looking at the ways other artists use composition in their work.

I have explored a wide range of media options and combinations, although I think I could have made more, upon reflection now.  I will explore even more options in the future.

Everything here which I have yet to do, I plan to do in future.



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