20 Painters

I went to an exhibition called 20 Painters at the Phoenix gallery.  It had a wide selection of art, which I liked some of.

One of my favourite artists at this exhibition was Jenny Lock.  She had  four paintings which were abstract.  They were called Shore line, Turbulence, Echoes of a Summer and All Washed up.

Here are some pictures of her work.  What I especially like about her work is the qualities of line.

Photo7783  Photo7784Photo7785  Photo7786

She makes lines which are long, fine and uncertain; lines which are thick and dark and fuzzy.  There are areas of colour which have lines scratched into them.  The result is a varied surface with different layers of detail.

Photo7788   Photo7789

The drawings are subtle and gentle.  Some of the marks are very tiny.  They are large images, but most of the marks are tiny.  It is an interesting approach.  These paintings or drawings are interesting for composition also.

Photo7782    Photo7781


Above she uses square shapes and dots.  These images have a decorative  appearance without the uniformity which you might expect from a pattern.

Below is a painting by an artist called Katie Sollohub.  I think it is interesting and complicated.  I like all the lines involved.  There are lots of vertical lines and lines which curve over one another.  It has a sense of depth as if it goes on and on into the distance, at the same time as feeling like it ends just behind the chandelier, as if there were a mirror there.  I cannot explain why.  There are also lots of dots and colours.  There are fragmented areas of this painting, as though it were drifting in and out of reality, or as if it were a memory of a room.  These are my impressions.

Katie Sollohub - The Great  Hall at Danny House

Katie Sollohub – The Great Hall at Danny House

Below is the front of the leaflet for this exhibition, and below that the back of the leaflet.

Leaflet frontLeaflet back


I like the artists I have seen at this exhibition, and I have found them on the internet so that I can see more of their work.  Here are the websites I have found so far:







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