Assignment 5

Option 1

“Keeping your preliminary drawings at hand for reference.  Decide on what will be included in your drawing and what will be left out.  Think about your aims and approach.  Will this be an analytical tonal study, a light and delicate impressionistic drawing or a strong series of visual statements with deliberately heavy and dramatic handling?  You can’t make a sudden transition from tight to flowing – you need to decide in advance.

Notice the effects of various media in previous studies and try to incorporate some of these into your drawing.

Begin by mapping out with light pencil marks.  Keep studying and adjusting as you go.  If you get into a very expressive handling you may choose to abandon these guide marks.”

Assignment 5

Assignment 5

Here is my drawing, it is A2 on cartridge paper, mixed media: graphite pencil, coloured pencil, oil pastels, ink pen and ink wash with brush and watercolour.

I am really pleased with how the different media and techniques (such as stippling) work together.

I tried not to over work this drawing, first I drew it out in ink lines, then oil pastel lines, then I blocked in areas of colour, texture and then tone.  I am pleased with the orange, because I used ink dots, coloured pencils and oil pastels and it is really effective.

I am also pleased with the shadows under the plate, bowl, cups and the orange.  There were several sources of light, so some shadows are heavier than others, sometimes there were several shadows coming from one object, and the shadows were interrupted by other sources of light, making them paler or misshapen.   The ink wash works really well to describe this.

I am pleased with all the fruit.  I used oil pastels, inks, ink washes and watercolour washes to describe the way they look with their colourful skin which reflects so much light in so many different ways.  It was challenging, and fascinating to really get to know each fruit, and look at it in a way you would not ordinarily.

Parts I am not entirely pleased with are the sofa blanket (pink and orange) and the floor.  I think they might have been improved by adding a wash of ink or something.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t either have wanted to over work them and lose the sense of depth in the drawing.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 5

  1. janecrathern

    The colours are very harmonious – I think that’s a very strong point of your drawing. Congratulations on finishing the course! Are you thinking of doing Painting next?

    1. 512408 Post author

      Thank you so much. Yes, that is what I am planning to do next 🙂 It is very exciting! Are you planning to do the painting course next?


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