Open Studios

I have visited a virtual exhibition of an open house: 37 Western Road, Lymington.  Art works by Heather Jolliffe and son William.

Heather J art Heather Joliffe art 4 Heather Joliffe 9

There were a range of sizes of paintings and drawings, I especially liked being able to see into the artists’ sketchbook work; I think that makes an exhibition fascinating.

Heather Joliffe 8 Heather Joliffe 7

I really liked this painting of a boat, because it has a peaceful atmosphere and calm colour scheme.  It is like looking through a window into another world.

Heather Joliffe 6 Heather Joliffe 5

The paintings work really well as a series, you feel like you are travelling around the world.   Some of the paintings have interesting linear qualities, with the coast lines and the water plants and the cliff edges.

Heather Joliffe 4

I really like the painting above because of the sky and the reflections in the water, of the sky and the plants.  The horse being there makes it feel very special, and adds a narrative idea.

I also like the image below because of the reflection in the water.  It adds an entirely different perspective view, of the sky above, and the tree from a different angle.

Heather Joliffe art 3 Heather Joliffe art 2 Heather Joliffe 3

These pictures also have linear qualities, which draw your eye across the piece.  I love the colours, especially the blue and turquoise.  Below I think the pink clouds look really effective on the blue sky, with the striking dark horizon below.

Heather Joliffe 2 Heather Joliffe art 10551040_766994823341965_4049629788340292811_n Heather Joliffe


William 1

The painting above has a sinister feeling about it, perhaps because of the combination of red and black.  I think it might be inspired by the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” where families gather together to pray and remember the dead, because they use a lot of skeleton imagery, and they decorate in this way.

William 2

I like the brush marks and the flicks of paint in the painting above, and they have been emphasised with fine black outlines.

William 3 William 4

Below is a collection of limited palette stencils.  I like the tiny flecks of paint which cover the background, and the simplistic silhouette style of these paintings.  I think they are made with spray paint.



William 5

The pictures here are all from this website:


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