Reflection of Assessment Criteria 4

Assessment criteria points:

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills.

I have demonstrated technical and visual skills in this part of the course; I have used pencils, graphite sticks, inks with sticks and dip pens, oil pastels, felt tips, soft pastels, collage and texture rubbings.  I have combined different media together to create different effects.

I have developed my observational skills by practising drawing the figure in quick studies as well as longer drawings.  Drawing the same pose repeatedly has proven to be a good way to get a lot of visual information.

I have also demonstrated compositional skills by making preliminary studies of the figure from different angles and distances; making quick drawings and thumbnails.  You can see this in some of my exercises and in the preliminary work for the assignment.

I think I have demonstrated design skills by trying different media combinations.  I approached the exercises with the intention to draw accurately and observe detail, as well as to experiment with media techniques, visual appearance and style.  So I often have pencil drawings in combination with stick and ink drawings, etc.

 Quality of Outcome – content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

I have done a lot of work for the content of my Outcome.  I have learned new skills during the course and applied them to the subsequent drawings, as well as returning to exercises after developing skills or ideas and working further on exercises with the benefit of things I have learned.

I have presented my work in a coherent manner, and made explanatory notes.  It is all on my website.

An example of when I have used discernment is in my choices of media for the assignment.  All of my preliminary studies show my thorough exploration of media before proceeding to completing the assignment drawings.  You can see how I decided which media would be best for line drawing and which media would be best for tonal drawing.

For conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas I think a good example of my thoughts would be my exploration of the self-portraits exercises, where I have explored ideas inspired by media and by research into the art of Degas, specifically his Self Portrait in a Soft Hat which made me want to try making a series of portraits in different hats or with other subtle variances.  I was also inspired by artists self portraits such as Peter Blake’s Self Portrait with Badges, which have more than just the classic head and shoulders portrait view.

I think I could have improved upon the work I did here because I did not make a full self portrait from head to toe, like Peter Blake’s and several others I found during the research.  There were a lot of view points that I should have explored, and if I worked on this project in future I would try to explore them all.

I did draw some self portraits with background in rooms, so I am pleased with the progress I made so far.

I also made a note of an idea which I have had through the process of people watching: I would like to make a series of drawings of people who are eating, because I found that people make a lot of unusual expressions and specific gestures while they eat, as well as their postures around a table, and other variances.  I have not begun to make studies for this idea yet, but I have recorded the thought.

Demonstration of Creativity – imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

During this part of the course I have used my imagination in my responses to the exercises and assignment.  I used patterned papers and old felt tips which run out part way through drawings so that the lines are unpredictable and unusual.

sitting and waiting2 img036 img038

I have embraced the experimental stages of each exercise and returned to exercises repeatedly to approach the guidelines in different media and unusual or alternative ways.  I have shown invention for example, in my exploration of texture rubbings combined with coloured inks, and in my use of coloured papers which I coloured myself.

The clothed figure

I have continued to develop my personal voice in the exercises as well as in my drawings which are separate from the syllabus.  I love drawing and I draw as constantly as I can.

img071 img074

Felt tip on dried watercolour painted paper.

Felt tip on dried watercolour painted paper.

img162 img180

Context – reflection, research, critical thinking (learning log)

I have reflected appropriately on every different aspect of this part of the course.  I make lots of notes on my log posts and pages, and I try to make sure all my notes are succinct and relevant.  I don’t want to state obvious facts or be long winded.

I have done a lot of research into lots of different artists on this part of the course, many of which are directly relating to the content of the exercises, and others which relate indirectly by inspiring me or showing me different approaches with media and techniques.  I have also visited exhibitions to see artists’ works, both contemporary and historic.

I try to be critical of each drawing I make, discovering what went wrong and making new attempts at the same exercises with the new knowledge.  I make notes about things I think are wrong and could be improved, what I would like to do differently next time.


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