People watching

Notes made from watching people

  1. Some people have tiny little ears
  2. Some people have broad faces
  3. Some people have very big eyes
  4. Some people are more self conscious than others and you can tell because they touch their hair a lot, and they have darting eyes.
  5. People who are eating make lots of different facial expressions, depending on how fast they eat, what they are eating, etc.  It would be an interesting project for the future to make a whole series of drawings of people while they were eating.  The difficulty would be to draw while someone was eating, because every expression and gesture is so fleeting.  But you could get around that.
  6. Thoughtful people make unusual faces when they are concentrating on solving a problem.
Two men in the cafe.

Two men in the cafe.

  • People waiting for things tend to lean
  • They shift their weight from one leg to another
  • They lean backwards and sideways against walls and benches
  • They lean backwards with their legs apart and their hands on their hips
  • They lean sideways on their arm or their elbow
  • They look down at their shoes
  • They examine their fingernails
  • They squat down and rest their head in their hands
  • Some people pace up and around
  • People move their hands and arms around a lot
Waiting for the bus again, in the town centre.

Waiting for the bus – Leaning forwards, leaning backwards, looking at phone.

On the train

  • Lots of people prefer not to look at other people on trains
  • People talk on the phone
  • Talk to their friends
  • Eat their sandwiches or their crisps
  • Read their book
  • Read their computer
  • Look at their mobile phone in their hands
  • Listen to music
  • Look out of the window.
My dad reading a book and a magazine at the same time, while eating his breakfast

My dad reading a book and a magazine at the same time, while eating his breakfast

Features for drawing – I find it interesting to draw people who:

  1. Wearing glasses
  2. Reading a book
  3. Writing in a notebook
  4. Eating a meal
  5. Drinking tea or coffee
  6. Drinking lemonade or water
  7. Sitting around a table
  8. Have interesting hair or accessories
  9. Have interesting jewellery
  10. Are wearing jumpers or coats.




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