Visits to art galleries will be stored here, with most recent visits at the top.

Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

23rd November 2013

In the Norwood Gallery they had an exhibition selected from the fine art collection, curated by the winner of the Open 13 exhibition.  Below are some drawings and photos from my visit, with some notes about the exhibitions, and some leaflets I picked up.


Drawing a painting is very different from drawing from life. Your information is completely different and you see it differently. I really enjoyed this experience. (Young Woman, by Bernard Meninsky)


This painting had a lot of detail, so I did not draw most of it. I noticed when I tried looking at it through half closed eyes that it had a lot of contrast. It is over all quite dark, with very light places dotted around. Drawing a painting helped me to see the elements which make this painting. By looking at it originally, all I thought I could see was the colours used. Now I see the darkness and the light. The tone, the shapes, the lines. (All the fun of the Fair, Ernest Procter)

They had Flowers in Hot Sun by Ivon Hitchens (1975),  All the fun of the Fair by Ernest Procter (1926-7) Bernard Meninsky’s Young Woman.  They also had Young Gypsies  by Laura Knight, 1937.

Mill Near Midhurst by Bruce Barnden was really atmospheric.  It was really dark, so it seems almost to have a negative space effect.  But with the illusion of space.


Below is a painting by Bob Brighton, named “Four”.  When I first saw it I thought it was a woven textile piece, but on further inspection you can see that it is painted squares on canvas.  I found this painting very exciting, because of the combination of line, shape and colour.  I think it is very unusual.


There is a sculpture garden at Worthing Gallery, and they had an exhibition of Lorraine Philpot’s art.  I thought these were interesting for drawing, as they show you natural forms in an alternative way.  From the perspective of another person.  They were made out of rusted mild steel.






Here is a leaflet about Worthing Museum and Art Gallery.  It is a very useful place to visit for visual research purposes, as well as to see contemporary and historical art works.img350 - Copy

img351 - Copy


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