Learning Log for Part One

Click on images to view full size.  If you are looking for my sketchbook drawings for the exercises on this course, please click here.

Learning log for Project: Making Marks
Learning log 1

Learning log 2

learning log 3

Click on the image below for my van Gogh page.


learning log 4

learning log 5

Learning Log for Project: Basic shapes and fundamental form and  Project: Tone and form

Learning log page

Check and Log: Project: Reflected Light

Check and Log: Project Still Life

Learning log page (2)

learning log r

Check and log: Project Using texture

Check and log - texture

learning log texture 2

Check and log: Project Enlarging and Image

learning log 111


Assignment One: Learning Log

Did you do enough preliminary work before starting work on your final pieces?

Yes, I did.  I thoroughly examined my still lives in a range of media and from different view points.  I looked at composition and I eliminated objects which I thought were not suitable for the final study.  The quantity of pens and pencils was reduced during my compositional studies, because the images looked too busy.

Did your large drawings give an accurate interpretation of the still life groups?  If not, what went wrong?

My natural forms still life gave an accurate interpretation of the physical.  Some of my made objects still life drawings look elongated.  I think this could be because the drawing was not accurately scaled up, or possibly because the original study used to scale up was not correctly drawn.  I think the pencils and pens were sometimes longer and thinner than was right.

Did you make a good selection of objects or did you try to include too much?  Would you change the arrangements of objects if you were to start again?

I am very happy with my selection of objects.  I don’t think I would want to change the arrangement if I were to start again.  The spoon was difficult to work with, as it kept slipping out of position.  Eventually I kept it in place using Blu-tak.  If I began again, I think I would do that in the first place.

Do your drawings fit well on the paper or could they be improved by working on a larger sheet of paper?

My images fit well on the paper.

Did you have problems with drawing or find hatching too difficult?

In my pencil drawing of my natural forms still life I used hatching, smudging and stippling make all the different fruit textures.  In my other drawings I was not sure of the best times to use hatching, and so there is not much hatching in my assignment drawings.  I think I need to continue to practice drawing with hatching, so that it becomes more natural and instinctive to use in every drawing.


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