Reflection of assessment criteria


How have I demonstrated technical and visual skills through materials and techniques?

I think I have done this. By drawing my assignment with a range of media, and using different techniques. I used graphite sticks, pencils, erasers, acrylic ink, watercolour paints, oil and soft pastels, and pencil crayons. And I used hatching, smudging, stippling, removing pencil with an eraser, layering media, using washes of ink or watery paint. I think if I wanted to improve this aspect of my work, I would need to work in a wider range of media, experimenting with combinations of different media and techniques. I think the reason I did not do this with this assignment was because I felt I should follow the tasks set, and create drawings which were observational and accurate, rather than drawings which were expressive and imaginative.

How have I demonstrated technical and visual abilities through observational skills and visual awareness?

My drawings show that I have observed from reality. I think drawing is the best exercise for looking. I read it in a book about drawing, actually. It said that you can only really see something, or know what something looks like if you draw it. It was saying that people say they know things “like the back of my hand” but you don’t. And it tells you to draw the back of your hand. But that is relevant to this situation because I had to really look at the oranges and apples to see how they were different to one another. Because it seems obvious, but then when you take colour away, and you realise that the texture of an orange is not always so obviously different and you have to look very carefully and think about what it is you are looking at. And I felt this also with the made objects drawing, looking at pencils and pens and how they are very similar but all have subtle differences which you might never notice. I also thought a lot about the arrangement of my objects, and changed the pens in my pen pot, which is also something which seems at first not to matter, but I think those three pens not being in my drawing was significant. So I think that the drawings I have made are a witness of my visual awareness.

How have I demonstrated design and compositional skills?

I think I have used compositional skills. As far as I know, design skills are relating to colours, textures, shapes and patterns; I have thought about the arrangement of my objects, the colours and the angles and the tonal qualities. I think this is good.

What is the quality of my outcome in terms of content?

It is good. I chose interesting objects and they are arranged in a composition on an A2 sheet.

What is the quality of my outcome in terms of application of knowledge?

I think this could be improved. I don’t think the drawings I made for this assignment fully show all that I have learned on the course so far. I didn’t think it was appropriate to use all the drawing techniques I’ve learned on this course in one drawing, because I do not yet feel confident to create an accurate, representational drawing using experimental marks. And all the methods don’t seem as if they would work together. I think that a full use of all the techniques I have learned, such as doodling and expressive mark making, may have impinged on my demonstration of observational skills.

What is the quality of my outcome in terms of presentation of work in a coherent manner?

My work is presented coherently on individual sheets of paper, in photos on my web-log. They have a page of their own, and they are presented, preliminary studies first, finished drawing second. I took the photos outside, for the best light, and you can see the hands of the person holding the drawings for me in some of them. I chose not to crop the images, because the hands of the person show the size of the paper, and also because I wanted the viewer to see not only the drawing but the position of the drawing on the sheet of paper. If this is not coherent, I can take photos differently next time.

What is the quality of my outcome in terms of discernment?

Discernment is the ability to judge well. I think I have shown discernment in my choice of compostition, as well as my choice of media. The place I think I had difficulty was I think when I was judging the length and width of the pencils and pens in my made-forms drawings. But I don’t know if I have drawn wrong, or if it just looks different from how you would expect it to be, once it has been enlarged.

What is the quality of my outcome in terms of conceptualisation of thoughts?

I do not really understand the question. I thought a lot throughout this project. Conceptualisation is sometimes about how you approach something, and I think I approached this assignment carefully and thoughtfully. Conceptualisation is also about ideas, and I didn’t really think of this project being about ideas originally. But I think you could say that the particular objects I chose to draw were my ideas, and the way I positioned them was my idea. Conceptualisation is also about how you approach a problem or situation. I have documented the ways I approached the tasks assigned to me.

What is the quality of my outcome in terms of communication of ideas?

I thought this was what the last question was asking. I think I did this.

How have I demonstrated creativity such as imagination?

I do not think that I have demonstrated my imagination in this assignment, because I tried to create observational drawings. I did not draw from my imagination. I don’t know if my use of media shows imagination? I worked more loosely in my colour studies in my sketchbook. (If this is just reviewing my assignment work. If it’s regarding my course work so far, I have demonstrated more imagination there I think. In all my drawings.)

How have I demonstrated creativity in experimentation?

I experimented with a range of drawing techniques and coloured media.

How have I demonstrated creativity through invention?

I don’t think that I used invention in this assignment. Perhaps I can find a way to use it next time? Unless mixing blue with black watercolours to make the right grey could be called inventive?

How have I demonstrated creativity through the development of a personal voice?

I have been developing a personal voice in these drawings. I think this is apparent because I have drawn the same objects in different media, but I think you can see that they were all done by the same artist.

Have I shown context in reflection, research and critical thinking (learning log)?

Yes, I have. I am reflecting now, and I have been through out the course so far. I am documenting research into different artists suggested by the course, as well as reading the books on the required reading list. I think perhaps I ought to document the research I am doing by reading these books, because that would be coherent presentation. But I have documented my research into artists such as Odilon Redon and Vincent van Gogh, on pages on my web log.

I think I could do more critical thinking.



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